FireFan Sports App Review | Setting the record straight on United Games and FireFan. It's NOT a scam, it's NOT an MLM. If you live in Joppa, Alabama 35087 you will want to play this App!

I'm Jeff Henderson, Founder and CEO of United Games and I'm excited to be reaching out to you today. We've had an amazing first two weeks! As we partner with each of you as Affiliates, it becomes imperative that we all stay on the same page. As we rapidly become tens of thousands of voices, we must all share the same message.

This can be challenging, but we believe if we work together, and we all recognize how important this is for each of us, we will succeed.

Ensuring that we always represent the truth in every circumstance is of utmost importance to us as a company. We will actively communicate updates and changes with you directly so that you get your information "straight from the horse's mouth" as they say.

So, let's start with some basic facts that you need to know:

This is especially important for all the huge sports fans that live in Alabama, Joppa 35087

Who runs United Games?

United Games was founded by Jeff Henderson, a 22-year veteran and former Vice President at NuSkin International. United Games is run by a great founding partner team, including CCO and Game Designer Mark Mongie, CTO Ben Eggett, with Sales and Marketing oversight by Natalyn Lewis. We have an amazing team of programmers and designers, a great staff of customer support specialists, and a very experienced investor and advisory team. Our company is expanding every day as our corporate growth keeps with the phenomenal pace of our Affiliate team.

Is United Games about Fantasy Sports?

No. United Games is NOT a fantasy-style game and does not even compete with fantasy. We fully anticipate that people who love fantasy will still play fantasy. However, we also assume they will play our app because it is a completely different experience altogether. Our app is a unique sports experience, designed to enhance your enjoyment and interaction with sporting events in a live, social manner. It's about being a fan and playing along with your team, your friends, and your favorite players, while at the same time opening up the world to come together on common ground around a passion for live, interactive sporting events. We are building a game that the everyday sports fan is going to love, that is not a "stats" experience but a "game" experience.

Since our game is not yet released, what can you tell others about it?

United Games has developed "the better way to play", a mobile-based sports game system using it's proprietary live event predictive analysis engine and associated real-time sports entertainment technologies. The core of the mobile game is based upon analysing and predicting results across the full spectrum of events that occur within a live sporting event. Within the game players analyze the sporting event ahead-of-time and make certain predictions (called 'picks'), and during the live event will make further real-time decisions using multimedia screens within the mobile game app, based on their grasp of the ebb and flow of the live sporting event. Making the correct pre-game and live real-time predictions provides fascinating competition for sports fans, where players of all experience levels may participate and receive loyalty rewards. This never-before-seen game mechanic is new to many people, and we understand that it may be hard to describe at first. In the next couple of months we will release bite-size videos that illustrate the flavor of gameplay, enhancing our Affiliates ability to communicate the game to future players.

Why is United Games all about Affiliates and not Players?

The truth is, we love our Affiliates and are excited to partner with you. However, make no mistake, we are about players - we are about giving Affiliates the ability to share this FREE app with others (players) and play along with them - and as that happens, Affiliates thereby earn a commission within the compensation plan located in the Affiliate back office. The reason we aren't focused on players right now is because this amazing FREE live app isn't ready to share! To maximize our reach we are counting on you our Affiliates to build anticipation through your sharing, creating these exciting distribution channels that will make this amazing app the most downloaded, in the shortest timeframe in history! Once the app releases, it is all about players. This is precisely why we don't have large Affiliate starter kits and expensive monthly auto shipments. We want the focus to be on players.

Do I have to recruit other Affiliates?

Absolutely not. The commission plan is structured to pay you for sharing with players - that's what we do! However, you might want to build some strategic partnerships so that you can expand the reach and impact you can have once the app goes live. For example: if you have 100 people that follow you on social media, each of those 100 would in turn have another 100 or more that don't know you at all! If they were also sharing the app, that would expand your reach to not 100, but 100×100! That's the idea behind building an Affiliate team. But please recognize, that if you have a strategy for sharing with players and you want to go for it and you don't want a sales team to manage, under no circumstances are you required to have one!

Is United Games a Network Marketing company?

United Games is an Affiliate marketing company.

What are the differences between United Games and traditional Network Marketing?

Our goal with United Games is to be the better way to play. Not just the better way to play along live with your favorite team, but the better way to play in the world of business and entrepreneurship as well.

Network Marketing, by definition, is using a personal network of people to share a product. MLM, by definition, is generating income on multiple levels of people. So if you are going by the dictionary definition, then sure, we do both of those things.

However, the world's perception of Network Marketing and what we do, are just not the same. The only similarity is that we allow you to build a team of Affiliates. This being said, the official company position is that we are an Affiliate marketing company.

Why is that?

1. We don't require you to recruit other Affiliates to be paid.

2. We do not have a tangible product that you purchase every month.

3. We don't have starter packages with big bonuses paid on the retail volume of those packages.

4. We don't ask you to sell product, you only share a link to a FREE download of an app.

5. We have a commission plan where every single game that is played, you are paid on those who you invited to play, regardless of a "genealogy".

6. We allow social and online sharing - and we encourage it, as long as it is done correctly and within appropriate guidelines.

Affiliate marketing is defined as individuals using the internet, text messaging, and social channels to share a link with someone that leads them to a website or an application. The Affiliate is then rewarded financially for customer acquisition when people click on that link and purchase. Some of the largest online buying platforms in the world leverage Affiliate marketing strategies, for example!

Why are we positioning ourselves as an Affiliate program instead of Network Marketing?

We are striving to create the better way for you to do business and that comes without the old and often times negative p